Our newest celebrity guest is Patrick Warburton!

The list of amazing characters that he has portrayed, either in animation or live action, is immense. He broke out as Puddy on Seinfeld and other shows like Dave’s World and Newsradio, and then literally personified The Tick. He’s played recurring or regular characters on 8 Simple Rules and Rules of Engagement, and can be seen on College Humor quite frequently. His new series, Sequestered, is streaming on Crackle right now.
He’s the voices of Agamemnon, Buzz Lightyear (TV/Video version), Mr. Steve Barkin, Kronk, Rip Riley, and most importantly: Brock Samson.
Mr. Warburton will be appearing at Emerald City Comicon on Saturday and Sunday only. SPOOOOOOOON! For information on all our celebrity guests, visit our website.

Why is it so hard to find eva foam?! I just wanna build a giant space gun…

I went to like three different stores, and not one person I asked even knew what I was talking about. Guess I’ll have to just order some online. *sigh*

I wanted to start working on it today…

So Loki Ragnarok and Roll is pretty much one of the best things ever

exhibit one: This is Loki


Need I say more? 

Okay, a little more. It’s four parts (sadly) packed full metal, gods, and epicness. 

and when I say gods, I mean gods, all the gods. The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Cthulhu, and even Tu Er Shen are here. 

the art is awesome, the covers even more so. And I really just wish there were a whole lot more issues.

Are any of you guys reading The Woods, if not you really should be. It is pretty freaking sweet.

It’s a- it’s a- it’s a-

Are you ready?


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Estoy Groot


Estoy Groot


John Barrowman is our newest celebrity guest! Woo!

Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Doctor Who) himself, this classically trained stage actor currently stars on the smash hit show Arrow as Malcom Merlyn. He has also had roles in the TV shows Titans and Desperate Housewives, and was in the movie Zero Dark Thirty. He also has a thriving musical career with several albums to his name, and can dance circles around you, too.
Mr. Barrowman will be appearing all three days of Emerald City Comicon, and will be available for professional Photo Ops, Autograph sessions, and panels!

Oh man, I think I need to go sit in a corner and try to contain all the excited now pouring from my every orifice

by bringing it here, he will be lured from the dangers of London to this place of safety …